Thorntail Hard Agave

The THorntail Story

Thorntail Hard Agave: Summer Dock

Our journey began with a bold ambition: to break free from the mundane canned seltzers and overly bubbly vodka/tequila drinks dominating the shelves. Delving into the world of agave fermentation, we uncovered its clean taste profile and a chance to craft something extraordinary—a drink that’s not just refreshing but exquisitely delicious, crisp, and tailored for day-long enjoyment. And that’s how Thorntail Hard Agave took flight, becoming a beacon of refreshment and flavor unlike anything else out there!



Real Ingredients, Nothing Fake

At Thorntail, authenticity reigns supreme. Real ingredients, straight from nature—our agave nectar and fruit are genuinely sourced, never artificial, never compromised.

Thorntail Hard Agave: Farm Facility

Solar Power

We’re powered by the sun! Our Jalisco, Mexico facility, where we source our agave nectar, sparkles with solar panels, not just creating our products, but also offsetting their carbon footprint.

Thorntail Hard Agave: At the Lake

Living Bold

Boldness propels us skyward. Embracing innovation, we’ve concocted a whole new beverage realm, transcending boundaries and pioneering a new drinking experience. At Thorntail, we’re not just makers; we’re trailblazers

Say hello to our dynamic inspiration: the electrifying Thorntail Hummingbird! This powerhouse of a bird flits its way south each winter, indulging in the lush wild agave blooms and soaking up the radiant desert sun with boundless energy.

Thorntail Hard Agave

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